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The kit proposed by Dragon company includes a plastic model kit of German heavy tank in 1:72 scale.

Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger (Sd.Kfz.181) is a German heavy tank from the Second World War period. It was armed with an anti-tank 88mm KwK.36 L/56 gun with a reserve of 92 shells. The need to respond to the Russian construction of the T-34 tank, which successfully fought with older constructions, forced the Third Reich to install a modified version of the Flak 36 anti-aircraft gun in an armored vehicle. Serial production of this vehicle took place at Henschel factories, which won the tender to produce Tigers. The first copies took part in the fighting near Leningrad, however, they were characterized by high failure rates. From then on, it fought on all fronts and participated in the most important battles of the final phase of the war, including fighting during the African campaign. From 1943, Zimmerit was used to protect the vehicle against magnetic mines. The Tiger was used for building a Sturmtiger equipped with a 380mm rocket mortar and a technical security vehicle Bergepanzer Tiger.

Michael Wittmann was the commander of the German heavy tank Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger. He is considered as one of the best World War II tankers. Wittmanns most spectacular action is the destruction of 21 Soviet vehicles within 20 minutes. At the time of death, Wittmann commanded a Tiger I tank with side number 007, which was most likely destroyed by a British Sherman Firefly equipped with a 17-pound gun, capable of piercing the heaviest tanks of German tanks. Wittmanns tank received a side hit in the hull, which led to the explosion of ammunition and the death of the entire crew.

Plastic parts should be cut out of frames, fit together and glued according to the assembly instruction. You should paint the whole model using modeling paints according to the proposed paint scheme in the instruction. It is important to remember that some plastic parts require painting before gluing. In the end, it is needed to apply decals according to markings or graphics in instruction.

Set contains:

  • The assembly instruction.
  • Frames with plastic parts.
  • Decals.

Kit does NOT contain paints and glue.

Here are the basic tools and materials you need:

  • Pilers for cutting plastic parts.
  • Modeling penknife.
  • File or sandpaper.
  • Cement for plastic models.
  • Brush or airbrush.
  • Modeling paints.

If you are not sure of any accessories or colors of paints you need for your model kit, please ask us, we will be glad to help you.

  • Period: World War II
  • Scale: 1:72
  • Type (Military vechicles and guns): Heavy tanks
  • Origin: Germany

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