Academy 1698 1/260 B-1 Bomber Powiększ

Academy 1:260 B-1 Excalibur


| plastic model kits | bomber | 1:260 |

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Scale 1:260
Type (Airplanes) Strategic Bombers (after 1945)
Type (Airplanes) Assault
Origin USA
Period After 1945
Type of engine Jet engine
Model type Kit (not assembled)

Opis produktu

The kit proposed by Academy company includes a plastic model kit of American bomber in 1:260 scale.

Plastic parts should be cut out of frames, fit together and glued according to the assembly instruction. You should paint the whole model using modeling paints according to the proposed paint scheme in the instruction. It is important to remember that some plastic parts require painting before gluing. In the end, it is needed to apply decals according to markings or graphics in instruction.

Set contains:

  • The assembly instruction.
  • Frames with plastic parts.
  • Decals.
  • Base.
  • Glue.

Kit does NOT contain paints and glue.

Here are the basic tools and materials you need:

  • Pilers for cutting plastic parts.
  • Modeling penknife.
  • File or sandpaper.
  • Cement for plastic models.
  • Brush or airbrush.
  • Modeling paints.

If you are not sure of any accessories or colors of paints you need for your model kit, please ask us, we will be glad to help you.


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Academy 1:260 B-1 Excalibur

Academy 1:260 B-1 Excalibur

| plastic model kits | bomber | 1:260 |

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