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Vallejo Paints set IMPERIAL PURPLE


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Typ (farby) Acrylic paints set
Origin Pozostałe
Paint sets Do figurek
Period Fantastic & sci-fi

Opis produktu

The set contains acrylic paints manufactured by Vallejo company. Offered paints are designed to painting the models of figurines.

The set contains 8 bottles of paint. A single bottle contains 17ml of acrylic paint.

Offered set includes following paints:

    • Vallejo 74025 Imperial Purple
    • Vallejo 74026 Purple Hex
    • Vallejo 74027 Amethyst
    • Vallejo 74028 Witch Purple
    • Vallejo 74029 Lipstick
    • Vallejo 74030 Violet Vamp
    • Vallejo 74031 Blueberry
    • Vallejo 74032 Orchid Flame

    If you are not sure whether the set is suitable for painting a specific model, write to us, we will be happy to help you.


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    Vallejo Paints set IMPERIAL PURPLE

    Vallejo Paints set IMPERIAL PURPLE

    | modeling paints | acrylic paint set |

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