Eureka XXL 1:35 Towing cables Mark IV for British vehicles


| accessories | towing cables | 1:35 |

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The packaging contains a set of accessories for models of armored vehicles on the scale of 1:35. The set includes towing cables manufactured by EUREKA XXL.

The set contains metal and resin elements as presented on the preview graphics.

    Resin elements should be cut off from the base, adjusted and glued with metal elements. After gluing, paint them with modeling paints according to the proposed painting scheme. It should be remembered that some elements require painting before gluing.

    Particular attention should be paid to the ventilation of the room and the protection of the upper respiratory tract. Parts set the resin dust at the time of cutting out, it is very small, which makes it volatile and can negatively affect health.

    Metal elements ideally replace their plastic counterparts. They are distinguished by high detail and impeccable texture. For bonding metal and resin elements, use cyanoacrylate adhesive. Metal elements can also be combined with each other using a soldering iron.

    If you are interested in other accessories, we encourage you to look at our wide range of metal barrels, chain tracks, metal tow ropes and tank figures.


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    Eureka XXL 1:35 Towing cables Mark IV for British vehicles

    Eureka XXL 1:35 Towing cables Mark IV for British vehicles

    | accessories | towing cables | 1:35 |

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