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Opakowanie zawiera aerograf grawitacyjny dwufunkcyjny wyprodukowany przez firmę AMMO OF MIG.

Producent zaleca pracę przy ciśnieniu od 1.0 do 1.4 bara.

Dane techniczne:

  • Dysza 0.2mm.
  • Zbiorniczek 1.8ml.
  • Uszczelki z teflonu.
  • Rozmiar połączenia węża: 1/8.


Opis producenta:

We are pleased to announce a new member to the AMMO by Mig Jiménez family of modeling resources, the AIRVIPER, a new airbrush that will allow modelers to perform fine detail and precision work with ease. The 0.2mm nozzle/needle combination make it possible to spray extremely fine lines with complete control.

As with everything we do at AMMO, we have taken the development of this new airbrush very seriously. The result is a versatile tool with durability to last a lifetime. It is not only tough, solid, and effective, but also light weight providing the highest level of performance. In addition to this, we also gave it an inspiring slender and aggressive look. This is how your new airbrush was born. This airbrush will allow you to work with any type of paint including acrylics, enamels, inks, watercolors, lacquers, urethane, primers, varnishes, food coloring, and cosmetics among other mediums –and apply them with unparalleled precision. We recommend using with an air pressure ranging between 10-20 psi or 1-1.4 bar.

Our paints are specially designed to be sprayed directly from the bottle, although for some effects or techniques add Acrylic Thinner A.MIG-2000 or Transparator A.MIG-2017 is required. AMMO of Mig Jimenez has an extensive collection of books, magazines, and other printed material available which detail exactly how to get professional results from your airbrush.

It's time to set yourself apart from the crowd, to experience the joy of handling a modeler designed airbrush, the AIRVIPER manufactured in the United States, with 100% American materials and designed by decades of experience.

The AIRVIPER has been designed especially for modelers. It incorporates all the necessary features to perform a variety of tasks with the great precision required by today´s modelers:
Gravity Feed Double Action Airbrush

0,2mm nozzle. 1,8 ml (1/16 oz.) paint cup.
PTFE (Teflon) O-Rings
Long life material components
Controllable Spray Pattern Range: Technical Pencil Line 0.4 mm to 4.5 cm (.015" to 1.75")
Atomization scale: ~90 micron
Comfortable Trigger
Fine Reversible Spear Tip Guarded Air Cap for better airbrush performance and easier cleaning while in use
EasySet Trigger Range Adjustment
Air Hose Connection Size: 1/8


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